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Hamza there, Hamzas here

MUSTAFA KAMAL MUSTAFA, a 56-year-old British citizen of Egyptian origin and nicknamed Abu Hamza Al-Masri - the Egyptian Abu Hamza - is currently being prosecuted in New York’s federal court in the US. Abu Hamza lived in England and was an Imam in Finsbury Park mosque.  He used to refer to Britain - the country which sheltered and fed him, along with other western countries - as the ‘toilet’. England handed over ‘Abu Hamza’ to the American authorities to face 11 charges related to terrorism and kidnapping.  All these charges preceded the 9/11 attacks in 2001, but the American justice system and its iron fist never forgets someone who offends it and commits crimes against its citizens. 

Abu Hamza, who used to stride here and there like a lion in England due to the tolerant English justice system, is like a scared rabbit in front of the American justice system. Abu Hamza told the jury in New York’s court that his cut hands and torn eye were not the result of jihad as he claimed in front of his supporters in the past and made him look like a hero in the eyes of his supporters.  He now claims that the cause was a technical mistake when he participated in the construction of roads with the Pakistani Army, where an explosion occurred accidently while he was handling some substances used in the road construction.

Abu Hamza admitted to the jury that he was not born nor grew up as a religious or radical person.  He managed a strip club in London in his younger years, when he was trying to live like the westerners.  His interest in Islam started in 1982 due to his Muslim British wife who gave him the Holy Qur’an.  He stopped smoking and working at the strip joint during the month of Ramadan.  He also focused on studying the Holy Qur’an. He spent seven years of his long life in British jails as he had been accused of instigating racism and inciting his followers to kill the ‘infidels’. England’s authorities handed him over to their US counterparts in 2012 for crimes related to the kidnapping of several foreign tourists in Yemen and many other accusations found in his dark life story.  He will face life imprisonment if he is convicted by a panel of jury consisting of 12 jurists.

Abu Hamza, in his unpleasant life in the West, did not deviate from the ‘alphabets’ of the jihadist radical ideology.  In fact, he was loyal to the jihadists’ calls and he instigated killings.  For that, he received or he will receive his reward - God willing - here on Earth before he gets his reward for his heinous actions in the Hereafter.  This is because the West does not tolerate this kind of call like our mild and gentle governments when dealing with people like Abu Hamza - those who are proud of murdering innocent civilians and vow to murder more, up to the extent of asking the fanatic aggravators for donations to cause more bloodshed to the innocent people just because they don’t support their radical ideology. When will we see people like Abu Hamza Al-Masri receiving their just reward, especially those who live and sleep peacefully with us while propagating terrorism and murders?

By Ahmed Ali Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

By: Ahmed Ali Al-Baghli

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