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Sulaibiya suspects in 10-day police remand

KUWAIT CITY, May 14: The Sentences renewal judge has remanded the three suspects - a Syrian, a bedoun and a Kuwaiti — to 10 days police custody, reports Al-Qabas daily. The suspects are accused of gunning down two Indians working for a money transport company at the Sulaibiya Vegetable Market in Kabad and stealing KD 13,000. The Syrian is a prime suspect and is allegedly the one who pulled the trigger. He claims he did not mean to kill the men.

Woman thief: The Salmiya police have arrested a Syrian woman for stealing civil IDs of Kuwaiti women and using them to hire cars and buy cell phones lines, reports Al-Rai daily. The woman was arrested after several Kuwaiti women filed complaints with the police when the telephone companies sent them bills which they knew nothing about. The woman has been referred to the concerned authorities.

Maid in soup: When a special needs Kuwaiti woman, who is believed to be in her 40s, filed a complaint with the police accusing an unidentified person of stealing KD 1,000 from her bank account, police viewed the CCTV footage of the bank from where the money was stolen and took the maid into custody, reports Al-Rai daily. However, when the housemaid was interrogated by the police, she admitted to withdrawing the money upon request of her sponsor. She also said she gave the money to the sponsor. The daily gave no other details. 

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