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Royal family supports Sisi Family meeting held

CAIRO, May 31: Members of the Royal family of the late Egyptian Ayoubi King Al-Saleh Najm Al- Din Ayoub (including his grandsons and members of Zordoq and Moharram families) convened a meeting in which they announced their support for Field Marshal Abdul Fattah Al- Sisi’s candidacy for the post of president of Egypt.

The meeting took place recently in Maimouna Village-Zaqaziq (Sharqia Governorate - Egypt). A related statement was issued on that occasion.

Egyptian businesswoman Nadia Ayoub (one of the late Egyptian King’s descendants residing in Athens - Greece) said in a statement that the family meeting was hosted and presided over by Ahmed Ayoub, the eldest Grandson of the late King. Mrs Hanaa Zordoq represented Zordoq family. Marwa Moharram, a media professional, delivered a speech in her family’s name on that occasion. Representatives of Abaza family (one of the above - mentioned related families) participated also in the meeting. A copy of the statement was delivered to Al-Sisi main election campaign headquarters.

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