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NISSAN Gulf awards Al-Babtain Group 100% compliance to NISSAN Global Standard N-CAM in Sales, Marketing & Aftersales

DUBAI, May 13: NISSAN GULF FZCO, Dubai, UAE awarded the Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al-Babtain Co for achieving the NISSAN Global Standard N-CAM in Sales, Marketing and Aftersales. On this occasion Saleh Al-Babtain, the Chief Executive Officer of Al-Babtain Group complemented the support from NISSAN regional office management for the Sales, Marketing and Aftersales and reiterated the commitment of Al-Babtain Group to enhance the facilities and processes further for the best customer’s experience. “We are glad to receive this award, which reflects the high quality of services that Al-Babtain Group provides to its customers through its various services centers and showrooms. We hope to preserve our leading position in the automobile market,” said Saleh Al-Babtain.

From his side Nasser WATAR, CEO of NISSAN GULF appreciated the continuous efforts of Al-Babtain Group’s management to achieve the compliance with NISSAN global standards.  The awarding ceremony was held at Al-Babtain Group Head Office, Kuwait and it was attended by Al-Babtain Group senior management included Saleh Al-Babtain the Chief Executive Officer, Nasser Al-Babtain the Group Board Member, Mohamed Shalaby - Chief Operating Officer, as well as Nasser Wattar - CEO Nissan Gulf, Cameron Gowing - Director of Sales and Marketing Nissan Gulf, and Sam Cabani Nissan Gulf Sales and Marketing Senior Manager. N-CAM which is officially introduced to NSC’S in FY05, manifests Nissan’s vision of establishing world-class NSC operations.

To ensure quality of communication and service delivered from NSC & outlet, the establishment of fundamental process & operation at NSC functions are essential.  Hence, N-CAM Edition 5 was released with minimum requirements for Nissan NSC in FY13.  On the occasion of releasing the Edition 5 standard, Takao Katagiri - EVP stated: “Today, I am pleased to introduce N-CAM Edition 5 with minimum requirements for Nissan NSC. This is our 8th year since we introduced N-CAM in 2005. Thanks to our NSC’s sincere and tireless efforts year after year, N-CAM is now implemented at 77 NSCs and its achievement level has been continuously improving.”

“N-CAM Edition 5 was revised with major changes in terms of its objectives and standards content. This is based on thoughtful cross functional discussion starting from NSC voice review. Finally, as Global Sales, we will continuously evolve our value for NSCs to achieve NP88 objectives. Your continuous efforts and collaboration is greatly appreciated,” he explained.

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