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Bill proposes change in foreigners stay law ‘Govt not fulfilling promises’

KUWAIT CITY, May 13: MP Saoud Al-Hureiji submitted a draft bill on the amendment of some articles of Amiri decree number 17/1959 on the Foreigners Residency Law, reports Al-Seyassah daily. In his proposal, the lawmaker stressed the need to grant Kuwaiti women the right to obtain residence permits for their foreigner husbands and children, provided the latter don’t work in any public or private institution and the women did not obtain citizenship through marriage with Kuwaiti men.

The bill also stipulates that non-Kuwaiti women, who are divorced or widowed from a Kuwaiti and have children, will be granted the right to get residence permits. The bill allows foreigners to get ordinary residence permits valid for not more than five years as long as they have valid passports and they must leave the country immediately in case of non-renewal of the residence one month prior to expiration.

They must report to the Citizenship and Passports Affairs all information regarding their trip or change of address. They are not allowed to be out of the country for more than six months, unless they obtain permission from the Ministry of Interior; otherwise, they will lose their right to the residence permit.

Meanwhile, Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Human Resources Development Committee Abdulhamid Dashti disclosed the possibility of executing the end of service benefits package in the current month, without it straining budget, reports Al-Rai daily. Dashti added the committee is waiting for results of the questionnaire conducted in that regard in coming days to determine the end of service benefits and the cost involved, noting the government cooperates with the committee on this issue.

MP Hamdan Al-Azmi stated that the precedents set by government in its dealings with the National Assembly are not promising, as it refuses to increase citizens’ income, which affirms the lack of interest by government in resolving the accumulated problems citizens face, including housing and unification of salaries, among other issues. He indicated all promises given by government are only meant to calm the people.

Meanwhile, a group of MPs are of the view that the issue of salary unification probably will incite crisis between the executive and legislative authorities in the future, considering the huge difference in salaries of similar certificates and degrees, which he stressed is unconstitutional and must be resolved to avoid serious consequences.

For his part, MP Faisal Al- Shayeh said the questionnaire regarding unification of salaries is not necessary for the government to be spending lots of money on, while the difference in salaries necessitates amendment to attain equality. MP Saoud Al-Tureiji said irrespective of the dissimilarities among employees in work, there should be equality, noting the questionnaire could be the right solution that will satisfy all citizens.

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