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‘Expand big enterprises role for progress’ ‘Country’s welfare above all’

KUWAIT OIL COMPANY (KOC) has the ability to play the State’s role and provide the necessary support in terms of expertise and facilities to achieve lasting development. This can be done by providing solutions to the environmental pollution in various areas, such as Umm Al- Hayman which has been suffering from chronic environmental pollution. The company can also take up the Umm Al-Hayman environmental case and present plausible solutions, instead of the environmental authority which has been unable to find any convincing or rational solution.

Someone might ask why I picked KOC instead of others... the reason is that it has more experience, facilities and ability to take decisions when it really matters and in a proper manner. The only thing that KOC lacks is the authority to take and execute its decisions in this aspect, and this is what I am calling for.
Examples of the capabilities of KOC in this regard is evident to all and also distinguished in terms of the comprehensive flexibility which it possesses when it comes to making and executing decisions. This is due to the fact that it is not linked with any of the bureaucratic bodies as it has a comprehensive network which consists of a work force linked through a single reference.

The company, with its vast capabilities, is now constructing the new Al-Ahmadi Hospital — a huge medical structure; in addition to the exquisite Kuwait Oil Museum which was named in honor of the HH late Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber. I think it will be opened by the end of this year. The company possesses vast capabilities which could be beneficial in social development and responsibilities. The State has not fully benefited from this. Perhaps, I also see the company engaging in bigger work; such as establishing a petroleum university with the help of other petroleum companies. It can also construct a huge sports stadium, similar to King Abdullah Stadium; whereas it will be in charge of everything — starting from planning, construction, maintenance and management of its operations, let alone the administration of the whole stadium.

The welfare of the country is above any other considerations. KOC is an integral part of the governing system of the State of Kuwait and any work given to it will not reduce its status, as it would rather increase its merits. Any decision taken by the government in this regard will be an embodiment of unity in running the country and its establishments. KOC is one of the State departments with responsibilities, duties and liabilities. But as history has proven, this company has an excellent record which qualifies it for what is currently bigger than its work. It is not a shame if it takes up additional roles under the pretext of social development and responsibility, because it is a fundamental part of this blessed society.

The establishment of a specialized university and a huge sports stadium in cooperation with other petroleum companies is not a big deal for KOC; in fact, it only needs full authority to take a decision. I hope the decision-maker contemplates on these words. The interest and welfare of the country should be above all forms of flattery. The successful establishments need to cement their confidence, and be encouraged to perform bigger roles practically in the society and community.

By Yousef Awadh

By: Yousef Awadh

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