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‘Traditional approaches prove ineffective in countering graft’ Corrupt people have unlimited capabilities: Al-Namash

 KUWAIT CITY, May 12, (KUNA): The traditional approaches have proved futile in the fight against corruption, as corrupt people have developed counter-approaches, strategies and tools to cover their crimes and escape punishment, Kuwait’s Public Anti- Corruption Authority Chief Abdulrahman Al- Namash said Monday. “The different past experiments have shown that the anti-graft traditional approaches had not and won’t bear fruits, as corrupt people have unlimited capabilities that helped beat the rap,” Al- Namash said at the opening speech of a workshop on anti-corruption challenges.

The workshop, themed “Corruption Fighting ... National Challenges and International Experience”, is being organized by the authority in cooperation with the World Bank to help build capacity of anti-graft workers. He added that the workshop tackle challenges facing anti-corruption agencies as well as success stories of the world countries in this regard. “The Authority is looking forwards towards benefiting from the experience, visions, proposals and recommendations that would be put forward and studied during the workshop to help address the growing challenges on the national level,” Al- Namash said. He admitted that the government, with all its branches, could not face the corruption challenges alone. “Cooperation and integration among government and non-government organizations became very essential for developing new approaches to counter corruption and curb its dangers,” he stressed.

For his part, the World Bank’s official Edouard Al-Dahdah said that the WB is pleased to participate in the workshop and its readiness to support efforts aiming to fight corruption. He added that there are several factors that influence the fight against corruption, at the forefront of them are political will, the geographical location, financial and human resources allocated for the mission and the existence of active civil society, an elected parliament and free press. He expressed that confidence that these factors will significantly help Public Anti-Corruption Authority follow the footsteps of their counterparts in the world, most notably in Hong Kong, Latvia, Mauritius, which has achieved successes in the fight against corruption.

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