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Disaster averted at Kuwait airport Planes in near-miss

 KUWAIT CITY, May 12: A disaster almost occurred at Kuwait International Airport when two planes nearly collided due to the negligence of the Airport Control Tower in guiding the planes, reports Al-Jaridah daily. The General Administration for Civil Aviation affirmed that the crew of the Control Tower is being interrogated on the incident especially after the Lebanese pilot of a Middle Eastern plane complained that the Control Tower crew nearly caused a disaster when they gave him the green signal to land at the same time when a Kuwait Airways flight was taking off.

Meanwhile, the crew of the Control Tower denied the allegations of the pilot, explaining that they instructed the Kuwait Airways aircraft to take off and not his plane to land. They insisted that the pilot misunderstood the instructions and thought they were directed to him. The Lebanese pilot has requested the concerned authorities to review the records to determine the truth behind the incident and insisted on taking necessary action against the crew.

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