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‘Build a petroleum university’ ‘KOC, citizens have role to play’

THE visionary evening is deepened with mixed feelings of delight and regret in the mind.  The delighting aspect is about execution of state-of-the-art civilization monument - the King Abdullah Stadium in Jeddah which was completed in record time.  Saudi-based ARAMCO, an international reputable oil company with huge resources and capabilities, handled the dream stadium.  The company was able to present the project as a gift to the neighboring Kingdom.  Every human being, not only Saudis or the government, was proud of the project whose inauguration was superb.  The company used resources that made the inauguration a remarkable and memorable occasion.

The sad aspect is when I remembered the gigantic Jaber Al-Ahmad Stadium, particularly failure to realize the dream of inaugurating it.  I am not privy to the real information and reasons concerning failure to inaugurate the stadium officially, but like any other person; I am aware that details of the problem are unknown!  Obviously, the problem is shrouded with ambiguity.  God knows the problem surrounding the stadium has not been handled with the seriousness it deserves, especially when it comes to the full authority to investigate and take a decision.

The most recent information I read about the issue mentioned an official of the Public Authority for Youth and Sports urged the Amiri Diwan to submit files related to the stadium, even in his position as a senior government official!  Another information I obtained revealed a decision has been taken on the demolition of the stadium! I will not comment on that, because reasons for such a decision are unknown; while the information itself could be misleading.

I will return to the King Abdullah Stadium which is also called the ‘jewel’. The fact that ARAMCO executed the stadium project seems to me a rare and courageous decision for many reasons. The Saudi government is known for such ambitious initiatives and decisions, because Princess Nourah University is still fresh in the mind. While thinking about this, it occurred to me that Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) could have embarked on a similar gigantic developmental project in the country.  It is part of the company’s social responsibilities, considering it is experienced in administering over part of Al-Ahmadi City.

KOC has many resources, along with competent personnel who have foresight to carry out such developmental initiatives for the country; considering the company is trusted and has a remarkable record.  I suggest the company carries out a gigantic national initiative to create history through its social responsibilities after obtaining necessary approval from the topmost authority. It could embark on constructing a university which specializes in Science and oil researches - a comprehensive petroleum university offering master’s and doctorate courses. The company can construct a university, equip it and employ the best brains as professors and experts to teach in the institution.  One of the peculiarities of the university is to prioritize its graduates in the employment drive of the company.  

Part of the suggestion is to name the university ‘Al-Ahmadi Petroleum University’ whose campus will be situated in Ahmadi, while the KOC board chairperson should also serve in the same capacity at the university.

The university should have faculties specialized in petroleum, minerals, petroleum engineering and industrial transformation researches.  It should have all relevant disciplines, and it must be a leading university providing the required specialized Kuwaiti workforce who will contribute to national service.  These citizens should acquire knowledge and specialties, because no country is built without the hands of its citizens. 
To be continued

By Yousef Awadh

By: Yousef Awadh

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