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Traffic / license problem

Recently I was fined by the Kuwait Traffic Department for driving on a one-way street. I told the police officer that it was the first time for me to be in Fahaheel, so I didn’t know my way, and that I didn’t even enter the one-way road at the start and had only been about to join it somewhere in the middle.

I was just standing next to this road, still trying to figure out the direction I should take or was supposed to take when the police officer came and asked for my car registration and license.

He took my license and told me to report to Ahmadi Police Department after 3 days and handed me a yellow paper.

Now my question is: Is this a big violation and what is the fine for this act. Do the police have the right to fine me before I commit the mistake.

More importantly, I just got my driving license only a month ago and I have heard people say that there is a probation period for a new license within which if you are involved in an accident, your license is cancelled by the Kuwait Traffic Department. Is this true? Should I be worried.

Also I was only fined and not involved in any accident.

Name withheld
Driving against the traffic on a one-way street is a very serious violation which carries a fine of KD 250 or a 1-3 month imprisonment or both depending on the situation when the violation was committed and the police officer’s report.

So, it all depends on the police officer’s report.

But as you said you were not driving against the traffic and had not even entered the street. So, if this is true you can’t be fined or penalized if you can prove that you did not commit any violation. This can be done in two ways.

Firstly, by challenging the police report at the Traffic Department.The officials there will send the case for investigation to their Investigation Department and then give a decision based on this department’s recommendation.

Now, if you again don’t agree to the new decision, the case will go to the Traffic Court where you might need a lawyer to defend you.

Please remember that if you get any type of jail term you will automatically be deported on completion of this term.

Over the last six months, a large number of expatriates have been deported for serious violations so it is up to you to convince the Traffic Department you have not committed any violations

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