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ICC declares DPL unsanctioned cricket event

KUWAIT CITY, May 10: Kuwait Cricket is alerting its registered players, clubs and officials of an unsanctioned cricket event in the UAE under the name of The Desert Premier League which is scheduled to be played in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the month of May 2014. Kuwait Cricket informs that the organizers of this event have not obtained approval from the ICC member host country Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) to stage this tournament. Consequently, the ECB has not approved and sanctioned this event. Therefore it has been deemed Disapproved Cricket according to ICC Regulation 32.

 Kuwait Cricket, which is also a recognized ICC member country, is bound by this regulation and issues notice to every player, person and club under its jurisdiction from participating in this Disapproved Cricket tournament. If there is any breach then Kuwait Cricket will be compelled to impose appropriate disciplinary sanctions on the said individual, club or organization under its jurisdiction. This will include being deemed ineligible to participate in cricket matches and events played under its jurisdiction for a specified period.

Kuwait Cricket further informs every ardent cricketer, club and organizer about ICC regulation 32A which states that representation in the National Team for participation in any form of an ICC recognized International Cricket event shall always take priority over participation in any other form of domestic or overseas cricket. Therefore the release of players for representing the National Team to play in International Cricket shall be mandatory on domestic clubs and organizers.

Copy of full details of ICC regulation 32 and 32A can be obtained from Kuwait Cricket Director General Asad Baig personally or via email @


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