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Kuwaiti in possession of KD 8,000 out of stolen KD 13,000

KUWAIT CITY, May 10: Jahra securitymen raided the house of a Kuwaiti citizen in Qairawan area and found KD 8,000 out of the KD 13,000 that was stolen from the two Indian expatriates who were shot dead at the Vegetable Market few weeks ago, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to a security source, after the Syrian suspect admitted that the stolen money is in the possession of a Kuwaiti citizen in Qairawan area, securitymen raided the Kuwaiti’s house and found KD 8,000.

During interrogations, the citizen informed securitymen that a Bedoun, in the presence of the Syrian suspect and his brother, entrusted him with the money but he was unaware about the source of the money. Securitymen are carrying out further investigations to find and arrest the Bedoun suspect.

Also: KUWAIT CITY: Ahmadi securitymen arrested a military man working in the Ministry of Defense for trading in weapons with Kalashnikov submachine guns, 350 ammunitions and five bags of narcotics in his possession. In a press statement Saturday, the ministry disclosed the securitymen received information on the illegal activity of the suspect, so they put him under surveillance. This led to his arrest and confiscation of the above mentioned items. A case was registered and the suspect was referred to the concerned security department for the necessary legal action

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