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Farwaniya Governor Sheikh Faisal, Sultan bin Hathleen, Ahmed Al-Jarallah, Ambassador Dhari Al-Ajran, tribal chiefs and several members of the society.
COUNTRY BURDENED WITH TRICKY LAWS FOR 20 YEARS Your Highness, this is our situation

KUWAIT CITY, May 10: Your Highness, the situation can no longer tolerate delay in exposing incessant activities to destabilize security of the country and inordinate ambition to control power. The group, which operates like gangs of bandits, supports and executes the actions.

People can no longer bear the situation because the group has been perpetrating the act for a long time. This is the reason why we are seeking your assistance to put things in the right perspective; since many people, who should act like members of the executive authority, have reneged.

These people are aware that you are monitoring the situation closely, so they put in your hands the statement on what has been happening in the country for the past 20 years.

They took this action to create an impression that they share your worries and expect you to initiate a new rescue mission to halt activities of the group, which has been engaging in political and financial blackmail; as well as ideological war.

The impression also includes the fact that the group has been frustrating development efforts, up to the extent of openly laying down plans to reduce prerogatives of the leadership.

Even if their intention was genuine, it is a ploy to seize decision regarding chain of leadership by putting it under the control of the power-thirsty and oppressive group. Since the liberation, no project has been approved without facing serious criticism from politicians and lawmakers whose ideologies and affiliations are well-known.

They always perpetrate various types of serious attacks on the executive authority to ensure they abandon the project.

he actions started with the popular Northern Oil Wells project, as well as the electricity and water distillation plant and K-Dow project among several other developmental projects they criticized to the point of suspension.

All these happened due to some lawmakers who are stakeholders in certain companies, contractors and influential people who flexed muscles over those projects. They use their tools in the Parliament whenever they miss the target.

They perpetrate selfish interests war under the pretext of patriotism, protection of public funds, reform, move against monopoly and anticorruption.

The situation in the country continues to move from bad to worse, while citizens pay heavily with their security and right to a dignified life. For the past 20 years, we have been living under terrible power failure and shortage of water every summer due to disputes among companies and executors of one project or the other. In any case where either of them secured the contract, the mode of execution has always been an eyesore.

The 2007 emergency power scandal is still fresh in the memory of everybody. Multiple allegations with too much talks have been meeting low performance. None of the hospitals can cater for the current population in Kuwait. The health facilities are now worst beyond what is obtainable in the poorest countries across the globe. We do not have good roads and we are struggling to find solution to traffic congestion problem in a wrong manner. In addition, there has been no infrastructure development work since the 1980s. We have been in this situation for two decades, to the extent of hurling exaggerated and false allegations against people and their dignity.

The mode of political and financial blackmail has been refined and extremely opened, while plan to overthrow the government has become the latest idea. They decided on this method when Your Highness expressed determination to reposition Kuwait on the right democratic track and to rescue the country from the tunnel of backwardness and retrogression. The response of a handful of people is incessant attack on the security and insult of national symbols. Will the country be left in the hands of the minority whose objectives and passion to control fate of the country is known while the nation stands aloof? The minority had created lies and allegations, starting with the story of multimillion-dinar deposits in which the judiciary could not establish any case against suspects after the findings.

The response of the ‘Except the Seat’ group was stubbornness and steady deception. Even the fact-finding committee set up by the group could not establish its claim. Yet, “We said this is a cow and they said milk it.” We finished with the deposits scandal and they took us to the comedy of transfers. They used the social media to spread propagandas which are unacceptable to sound minds. After presenting the case to the judiciary, which carried out a long investigation on it, their parliamentary fact-finding committees reached the crossroads in that regard. Again, we told them it was a cow and they said we should milk it.

This group did not stop there in terms of the crisis that it has fabricated in a bid to hijack the National Assembly. Even after being shunned by the public, it came up with the alleged ‘tape’ issue and the clamor for that followed. Although the issue fell from their hands; their audacious crimes increased as they targeted the judicial system by launching a fierce, unjust and unprecedented attack which has never been seen throughout history; not only in Kuwait but also in the whole world.

All this just because the court did not rule based on their whims and desires. Did the matter stop there? Indeed, as it was said long time ago; ‘’Foolishness has no cure.” The group did not learn from its past experiences. After all these lies, it came out once again with new accusations like the multi-million transactions; as if HH Sheikh Nasser and Honorable Jassem Al-Kharafi spent public funds as they wished. When asked to present evidence, they failed and attributed the issue to what agencies said. All this is happening while the government remains silent. It has not implemented the law; especially legal notice number 1/1993 related to protection of public funds, nor did it attempt to respond in a bid to exonerate itself from such heinous accusations.

This has raised doubt on the government and its silence gave the group ‘license’ to continue its attacks, not being aware that time will not silence this group. If the situation of the government is like this, that of the Parliament is not better off. The consecutive parliaments, especially the one which surrendered its leadership to the group of blackmailers, had handcuffed the government with malicious laws which prevented it from executing any project; such as the law related to water and electricity.

The group went further than that, up to a point where they were about to put their hands on the entity of Kuwait’s emirate; through their attempt to pass the law which will enable them to monitor the top authority of the country, particularly the finances of the Amiri Diwan. This law is just the tip of the iceberg as the group’s only concern was to maintain their parliamentary seats; thereby, driving the country towards destruction.

Since it failed in the past, the group has also failed in terms of their coordination with some individuals in the current parliament whom they were supposed to see the law going through. All these games were orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood Group and its affiliates.

What has the government done towards countering the well-studied and organized plan which this group is operating on? Totally, nothing; it is as if the matter does not concern the State at all, and this is definitely astonishing. Are there individuals in the Cabinet whose one leg is in it and the other is in the group? Are those raising their voices about to take the decision-making platform of the country? Being the only one, the political leadership still fights against these people. In fact, this group is now executing projects which are supposed to be completed by the executive authority. In other words, the authority is intimidated by the voices of the minority found in other countries, in fact with a higher voice than the one in Kuwait; yet the governments of those countries are not shaken by them because they are not afraid of implementing the law.

The question is: where to and until when? Whenever the government hesitates and fears, the croaking of these people increases through intimidations and threats. The caravan they are threatening with their barks is not easy for any thief to steal.

The people of Kuwait are bored with the weakness of the executive authority and its paralysis which jeopardized its destiny due to inadequate level of its voice. Accomplish every project which was hampered by someone and you will find the reason is an MP eager to protect the interests of traders, companies and contractors; not the welfare of Kuwait and its people. Until when will the country be left at the mercy of the few due to the weakness and inability of the government to work? We ask again: until when? In this miserable condition, in which we lack the luxury of having multiple alternatives; Kuwait has to be a real, able and strong country which enjoys a great shield that will protect it against weakness and incoherence of authorities, otherwise, it will become a field of a few peculiar individuals who are ready to burn down everything just to light a cigarette.

This shield is not earned through wishes, slogans, statements and hand-picked words. It is rather earned through a strong executive authority which operates according to the law without being intimidated by rascals who launch series of accusations on television. This gives the government sleepless nights and renders it to cause fury of calls behind the curtains in order to please certain parties or ease their conscience.

The people of Kuwait want a real legislative authority which will free their country from the shackles of duress, as well as malicious and rigid laws that were enacted by MPs whose main objective is to take control over every authority. These are laws which portray people as if they are thieves and bandits waiting for an opportunity for them to violently raid on public funds. These laws were created by individuals with the mentality of a blackmailer who transgressed trends and values

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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