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Cause probed as Ethiopian maid with injuries dies on way to hospital

KUWAIT CITY, May 9: A Kuwaiti woman took the corpse of her Ethiopian housemaid to Jahra Hospital, claiming that she is unaware about how her housemaid died.

However, several injuries were discovered all over the deceased’s body. According to sources, the Kuwaiti woman explained that the deceased was working in her house in Saad Al- Abdullah area. The latter had left the house and returned two days later with injuries all over her body.

When she asked the housemaid about the injuries, she said it was not important and went to her room. Noticing her housemaid’s weak state and injuries, she took her to the hospital but her housemaid died on the way.

Medical examination revealed traces of beating all over her body, a number of head injuries and bruises on her face.

The corpse was referred to the Forensics Department for autopsy. Sources revealed that the Public Prosecution has ordered the General Department for Criminal Evidences and the Forensics Department to determine the cause of the death, examine the house and confirm the statement provided by the Kuwaiti sponsor.

Meanwhile, an Asian expatriate was arrested in Farwaniya area in possession of 15 sachets of heroin and narcotic pills. According to security sources, Farwaniya securitymen were patrolling the area at night when they suspected a Japanese-made vehicle and stopped the driver for checking. After discovering he is an Asian expatriate, they checked his vehicle and found 15 sachets of heroin and narcotic pills. During interrogations, the suspect confessed that he was involved in drug peddling. He was arrested and referred with the drugs to the Directorate General for Drug Control for necessary legal action against him

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