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No income tax…nip-and-tuck on subsidies Government assures citizenry

KUWAIT CITY, May 8: Minister of Finance Anas Al-Saleh affirmed that the government will not enforce a tax system on incomes earned by individuals. He explained that restructuring of the subsidy system does not mean it will be reduced, as it is intended to ensure the right people benefit from the subsidies without any adverse effects on the middle- class income earners.

During a session at the National Assembly on Thursday, the minister indicated that the government has been reviewing the subsidy system to include aspects that citizens have not been benefitting. He stressed that the government has repeatedly affirmed that redirecting the subsidies is intended to ensure maximum benefit for the people of Kuwait particularly the middle-class income earners.

He clarified that some types of fuels such as diesel do not necessarily require to be subsidized because of the low number of beneficiaries, indicating that a report on those who benefit from subsidies for such products will be forwarded to the executive authority for a final decision as soon as it is completed.

Regarding the subsidy on electricity, Minister Al-Saleh emphasized that it will be included in the review as part of the complete package. Regarding MP Jamal Al-Omar’s threat to submit a grilling request against him if the government delays procedures for redirecting the subsidy on diesel, the minister insisted that government is not against any legitimate interpellation that is in line with the Constitution.

He said he does not entertain any fear in that regard because both authorities are working for the good of the country in dealing with all matters that deserve attention. Minister Al-Saleh stressed that the government initiated the redirecting of the subsidy on diesel but the lawmaker has been pushing for steps to be taken quickly without gathering detailed information. He reiterated that the Prime Minister initiated the move and issued a directive regarding this matter.

By: Raed Yousef, Ayed Al-Enezi and Nasser Al-Qadeh Al-Seyassah Staff

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