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Team said to study options for dealing with resignation of MPs Unacceptable to breach rights of authorities: MP

KUWAIT CITY, May 8: “A parliamentary team has been formed to study various available options for dealing with the resignation of five lawmakers, as it seems the executive and legislative authorities are expecting trouble from some crisis-provokers”, informed sources say.

They indicated that the false accusations and statements issued by the resigned MPs will not be ignored, and they will be discussed during a session allotted for the purpose, adding that the team will present options to the National Assembly Speaker.

Meanwhile, former MP Musallam Al- Barrak verbally attacked the ruling family during a seminar held at Rada’an Diwan in Jahra area. He said the party of Sheikh Mubarak’s descendants has been solely occupying the position of prime minister of Kuwait for more than 50 years but they have nothing but failure.

He insisted that the party will be appreciated if it relinquishes its authority over the position through the parliament. Some witnesses affirmed that Al- Barrak’s speech contains a new element in the ongoing rancor he holds against the ruling family, as he is aiming to keep the ruling family completely out of the political scene, adding that this is also evident from the attempts of some troublemakers to amend certain articles of the Constitution. However, they said such an attempt will never be realized.

By: Khalid Al-Hattab Al-Seyassah Staff

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