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‘I wish I was an elephant ...’

NEWS is still fresh about the generous donation made by our friend, Abdulaziz Al-Qandi, of about 500 air conditioning units to the Ministry of Education schools in Kuwait. The ministry had earnestly requested for donations from families — an embarrassing request in a country that pointlessly spends thousands of millions inside and outside the nation, until we received news which are disturbing and funny at the same time. The disturbing news is about a directive issued by the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources, which was annexed to the Ministry of Oil by the government. Apart from those who had a hand in this annexation, no one knows about the relationship of agriculture and fish resources with the ministry.

An oil expert explained the reason behind this annexation is related to the fact that our government is influenced by the Jurassic era — the period millions of years ago when gigantic dinosaurs lived and then became extinct. Their bodies decomposed and left us with billions of oil barrels whose blessings we enjoy, especially in our beloved country of Kuwait that has no other source of income but oil. This oil came from the dinosaurs, which were part of the reptiles or the carnivorous family. The real quantity of petroleum we have now remains unknown; although more ministers of oil and senior officials in petroleum companies and their affiliates are aware of these fact and they cherish it.

We apologize for this digression, but the source of disturbing news is the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources which issued orders to carry out construction and maintenance works in Omariya zoo. Up to here, the news is normal; but what is strange about the news is the cost of the construction and the maintenance works as follows:

Work order    Cost
1. Expansion of elephant cage and its surroundings    KD 500,000
2. Construction of cages and building for monkeys (two locations)    KD 250,000
3. Construction of fence, three rest rooms and bird cages    KD 750, 000  

The youths who saw these supposedly inspiring documents and those who do not have a house or shelter for themselves and their families mush have wished they are elephants; while others wished they are monkeys. We always say how humorous is Kuwait under the leadership of its well-guided government, which must be prohibited from being stingy at a time it is supposed to be generous and its openhandedness when it comes to foolishness and extravagance.

One of the friends with a sense of humor said: “Allah is enough for us, O the government of Kuwait. We were brought up with the song of the late Fareed Al-Atrash which translates: ‘I wish I was a bird so I can fly around you’. Now, due to your unjustifiable foolishness; you have made us sing for those whom we love: ‘I wish I was an elephant so I could turn around you ... or I wish I was a monkey so I could jump on you”.

By Ahmed Ali Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

By: Ahmed Ali Al-Baghli

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