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Cop under probe for ‘stealing’ dying man’s KD 2m property Mentally challenged citizen’s daughters seek justice

 KUWAIT CITY, May 7: Director- General of the General Administration of Investigations Lieutenant-General Yusuf Al-Saudi has referred a police investigator working at a police station to the Public Prosecutor for forging real estate documents belonging to a Kuwaiti man who died in his 70s after a long struggle with mental illness, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to security source, the man has two daughters and most part of his life (about 30 years) remained at the Psychiatric Hospital. The daughters visited him once in a while and were not aware who else was visiting him. One of the sisters, who is a doctor said in her complaint she and her other sibling wanted to know what their late father left for them and went to a building where her father lived in one of the apartments — he was also the owner of the building.

The sisters were shocked when the caretaker told them that the ownership of the building has changed hands. He also told them he has the keys to all apartments including the one in which their father lived. The source said, the investigator took advantage of the man’s mental state of mind and forced him to sign a document on which was written that he has sold the building and soon changed the house contracts and collected rents and issued new receipts.

The source explained following intensive investigations following the complaints filed by the two sisters, the suspect was summoned for investigation and during interrogation the investigator claimed he bought the property for KD 420,000 from the deceased and that one installment of KD 80,000 was to be paid in 2015. However he failed to prove that he had given the rest of the money to their father, giving rise to serious doubts, especially that the market value of the building is more than KD 2 million.

Moreover, given the mental condition of their father, he was not responsible for his actions. The source said the investigator used his influence and the securitymen to threaten the tenants of the building and forced them to accept the new rent receipts

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