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Most back start of school break after new year begins ‘Students productive with fresh minds’

 IN this week’s online poll, the Arab Times asked voters about the impact of schools closing for summer vacation after the start of the new academic year.

A majority of voters had a positive take, saying a long break after the start of the new academic year will help to refresh minds and help students become more productive. However, there weren’t too many respondents who supported this view. For them, a break would be good, but not after the start of the academic year. “It would be better to start the new academic year after giving the students the break they need, so that they can start afresh and do well for the rest of the year.” The respondents reflected the view of 15 % of the voters, who said that students would get distracted from their lessons because of the break in between.

Speaking to the Arab Times, parents expressed their resentment at this system. “It’s as if the two months of studies prior to the summer vacation is ineffective. Parents and students are already preparing for their vacations. Some even take the last few days off and start their vacations early.” The parents felt that students who prepare hard for the end-of-year exams would like to go on vacation soon after the exams, instead of getting busy with the new academic year immediately afterwards. This takes the thrill out of a new academic year, which should be done in an exciting way to keep students inspired.

About 18% of the voters felt the teachers will anyways have to do a recap of the lessons taken before the vacation, “as you can’t trust the memories of students.” This, parents felt, could affect productivity of not just students but teachers as well. Those who favored the system said that it will help students bond with new classmates before the school closes.

3% of the voters held this view. “This is especially true of smaller classes, because for them separation from friends is hard to handle.”

Another 4% of the voters were worried about the increasing number of holidays. They complained that the total number of working days in a year is probably the lowest in this part of the world for schools. “We have too many holidays, in addition to an extended summer vacation. We are probably working only 6 months in a year or a little more.”

About 14% of the voters said that the vacation has a minimal effect on studies, and so it doesn’t really matter when it comes. “It’s all in the mind.”

By: Valiya S. Sajjad Arab Times Staff

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