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Cooperation between govt and Parliament yields fruitful results Roles exercised in accordance with constitution: Sheikh Mohammad

 KUWAIT CITY, May 6, (KUNA): Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al-Sabah said there was a “clear” relation based on cooperation with the parliament resulted in approval of many laws and discussing interpellations. Sheikh Mohammad, in an interview with Kuwait TV’s National Vision program, said the government and parliament succeeded in approving 20 laws including ones to support national product, increasing the housing loans, privatizing Kuwait Airways Corporation and the establishment of the communication authority. Cooperation between the executive and legislative authorities, he added, also resulted in the discussion of seven interpellations out of 11 as well as formation of five investigation committees. Sheikh Mohammad affirmed that the two authorities, though would not necessary see eye-to-eye on all issues, should complied with the constitution and rulings of the constitutional court. “Consensus, if exists, is a positive thing added to the practical relation between the two authorities, but the basis is that all authorities respect the constitutional limits and not to interfere in other authorities,” he said.

Sheikh Mohammad said Article 50 of the constitution would not allow any authority to interfere in the jurisdiction of the other, which used to happen in the past. “But I believe there is a balance in the year 2014 and all authorities are exercising their roles in line with the constitution,” he said. Asked about the interpellations against His Highness the Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammad said these grillings should comply with the constitution and the statutes of the National Assembly as well as rulings of the constitutional court.

The court ruled that His Highness the Prime Minister should be asked about the state’s general policies not the specific policies of every minister thus not within his jurisdiction. Sheikh Mohammad, meanwhile, said the government has a “national, constitutional, legal and moral” obligations to refer any violation against the public funds taking place within the development plan to the public prosecution. “The government fears nothing and will confront any case involving suspected public fund waste,” he asserted, citing the referral of Jaber Stadium file to the prosecutor. “We are not showing off that we refer cases to the public prosecution but sometimes the society needs to be assured that the government is carrying out its role,” he said. Sheikh Mohammad said more than 90 percent of the labor market was dedicated for Kuwaiti citizens.

He said His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al- Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah instructed the establishment of a Ministry of State for Youth Affairs to take care of the youth. He noted that 50 percent of Kuwaiti youth were under 18 years old. Talking about the government’s achievements, Sheikh Mohammad said the Health Ministry opened four new clinics in the past seven months, and would inaugurate five others in the next six months. He said 440 beds would be added to the capacity of the Amiri Hospital and the new Cancer Hospital would contain 600 beds, while the new Al-Sabah Hospital would accomodate 77 patients. Sheikh Mohammad, elaborating, said the Ministry of Public Works was also implementing the Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge, Al-Jahra and Jamal Abdulnasser Roads which would contribute to easing traffic congestions. Sheikh Mohammad admitted that red tape was consuming time and efforts thus delaying completion of development projects, but called for focusing on positive aspects, which were the hard-working Kuwaitis working tirelessly to deliver the ventures.

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