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Many want cash back in protest

 KUWAIT CITY, May 5: Several people are said to have demonstrated demanding those responsible in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Credit and Savings Bank to make good their losses — the money they had paid to build their houses allocated for them in the suburb of Jaber Al-Ahmad, reports al- Seyassah daily. The demonstrators complain the area has no electricity and moreover, after a decision has been taken to subsidize the building materials such as concrete and iron. They said it is unfair that they paid for the construction material at its face value while those who have not yet started building their homes benefit from the low cost of materials due to the decision. In other words what the demonstrators are asking for is the difference in money after the material has been subsidized.

Duo caught drunk: Special duty police have arrested two Kuwaitis for possessing and consuming alcohol, reports Annahar daily. The arrest came when the suspects were driving recklessly along the chalets road and a police patrol followed the man behind the wheel and ordered him to pull over. While issuing a citation, the officer got the smell of alcohol and after checking the vehicle found six bottles of imported booze.

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