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No outside pressure on MPs Are resignations worth it?

THE resignation of some lawmakers is a clear political decision without any doubt on its severity. We should look at the issue objectively, away from acceptance or condemnation. The most important move then is to think about logic and wisdom in the position. Since its inception, the National Assembly has been facing serious boycott by two prominent political opposition blocs in the country - the Popular Coalition Bloc and Islamic Constitutional Movement, which most people regard as the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement. This is in addition to other independent opposition groups that joined forces with the two major blocs to form the majority in the nullified National Assembly.

They boycotted elections due to the crisis caused by the one-vote-one-man decree of necessity, and the action continued even after the consolidation of the decree. Since then, weakness in activities of the National Assembly came to the fore, and some lawmakers tried hard to be active although their efforts were not successful in most cases. Resignation is a refined political position to advance a viewpoint clearly, but is the decision right or wrong? The answer to this question will determine appropriateness of the decision against removal of the grilling from the agenda and position of the National Assembly leadership in this regard. MP Riyadh Al-Adsani described the position taken by the National Assembly leadership as indecisive. He made the statement even if a colleague attacked him.

Some analysts regard the situation as a dispute engineered by certain influential people who control the lawmakers by dictating to each of them to shout, grill and resign. However, I do not buy the idea since a lawmaker could be affected by a particular opinion or convinced by an ideology, but I believe it is impossible for them to serve as tools for others.

I watched interviews granted by the lawmakers who resigned and that of the National Assembly speaker. It was glaring that the action was personal and emanated from within; because none of them were ready to act calmly and handle the situation with political sagacity. The counter accusations from both sides have changed the underlying unacceptable allegations.

The solution is wise intervention of trusted people who can calm down frayed nerves through compromises, while searching for the best way out of the logjam through peaceful resolution. The major beneficiaries are the opposition figures or blocs, because the resignations and reasons behind the action could serve as excuses and may strengthen the opposition. I believe that at least one more lawmaker will resign soon.

Surprisingly, the government will not react openly nor comment on the resignations, although it is the major reason for the resignations in question! The complicated question begging for an answer now is this: Are the resignations worthy of spontaneous reactions due to influence from outside the National Assembly? Only God knows...

By Yousef Awadh


By: Yousef Awadh

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