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Suspects admit drug peddling, deny slaying of Indian guards

KUWAIT CITY, May 4: Personnel from the General Administration for Criminal Investigation are continuing investigations with the ‘the gang of criminals allegedly involved in the Vegetable Market case in Sulaibiya’ a few days ago, reports Al- Shahed daily. According to a security source all those arrested are former criminals and they were arrested inside a house in Sulaibiya two days ago.

The same sources said when the police surrounded their ‘hideout’ the men reportedly exchanged fire with securitymen and were finally arrested. Police have reportedly seized from them a large quantity of arms and ammunition and bullet proof vests. The contraband was hidden on the roof of the house in a makeshift room.

According to some sources, the suspects have denied killing the two money transport van guards. The sources added, personnel from the Criminal Evidences Department who inspected the weapons seized from them say the bullets that killed the two men are not the same which have been seized from the suspects The Al-Rai daily said the suspects have admitted to running an illegal activity — trafficking in drugs. They also said they exchanged fire with securitymen after mistaking them to be rival gang members. The Al-Anba daily said one of the suspects, a bedoun who recently got the Jordanian passport, said the CED report is incorrect. He also said one of the men in police custody is the one who committed the crime.

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