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Hiring of foreign labor

I am working as a manager in a Kuwait-based company. My general manager has asked me to hire accountants and laborers from India.

If possible, can you please give me a list of legal methods by which we can provide visas and other legal formalities to foreign people.

Name withheld
It’s not as easy as you think. You just can’t go to India and start hiring people from there without any requirement/labor demand from companies in Kuwait because the people who you hire will not be allowed into the country unless they have work permits.

First of all, you need to approach the local companies in Kuwait and ask if they have any labor requirements.

This may include staff of all levels, right from senior managers, down to the low-level labor to work at construction sites.

Then you have to go to India and hire the employees for certain companies according to their requirement. After your have collected documents from the people you have selected, you have to forward these to the companies who want the laborers.

It is these companies which process the papers, although you can help them to speed up the process at the Ministry of Social and Labor, which issues the work permits. So, you can’t go about hiring people unless you have a demand from a certain company. You can then process the requirements.

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