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Man roams in Avenues Mall holding a baby alligator

KUWAIT CITY, May 3: A man, dressed in traditional dishdasha, was seen walking inside the Avenues Mall holding a baby alligator, which caused many of the people to feel uneasy. Some people were clicking pictures of the man when the security operatives intervened and walked him out of the mall

Faithful called hoopoe: A young man went ahead to perform the prayer in a mosque and ignored the mockery of other worshippers when one of them called him a hoopoe, due to his unusual hair cut, reports Al-Shahed weekly.

70-yr-old in 35 crimes: Jahra police arrested a Kuwaiti man in his 70s wanted for 35 crimes, including fraud. He was referred to the concerned authorities, reports Al-Rai daily. The suspect was driving Jahra when he aroused suspicion of patrol officers. He was arrested in Amghara area, driving a stolen car.

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