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Al-Hashim, Al-Rashid say ‘quit’ Assembly

KUWAIT CITY, May 3: MPs Safaa Al-Hashim and Ali Al-Rashid have announced their resignation from the Parliament due to their inability to exercise their constitutional oversight right as representatives of the people. Al-Hashim announced her resignation in a seminar Saturday night at the headquarters of Al-Masar Al-Mustaqbal Group with the attendance of three MPs who resigned earlier: Riyadh Al-Adasani, Abdulkareem Al-Kandari and Hussein Qawei’an. She mentioned that, “the war with the government and the speaker achieves nothing. I have witnessed the prevalence of corruption inside the legislative authority and I couldn’t practice my role.

I faced what is considered unconstitutional by the Speaker. I didn’t see any law being implemented in the Parliament and the Speaker keeps on ignoring the rights of lawmakers.” On the other hand, Al-Rashid admitted, “the constitutionality of the interpellation needs to be reviewed and there is no one who can answer in this regard.”

In response to the accusation that he uses double standards in the cancellation of the interpellation, Al-Rashid clarified his vote in favor of the cancellation of the interpellation submitted by Ahmad Al- Sadoon and Abdulrahman Al-Anjari in 2011 against the then Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad was due to the fact that at the time he was a minister; hence, he voted in favor of the cancellation based on the Constitution and in adherence with the principle of ministerial solidarity during the voting process.

Commenting on the current political developments, Al-Rashid affirmed he cannot continue in the Parliament. He then announced his plan to resign from the Parliament and retire from political life, adding he will leave Kuwait for a short period of time.

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