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Glistening jewel of King Abdullah

Since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the fortress of the Arabian Gulf, its citizens are always the center of interest. This status is imposed on the Kingdom by history, its geographical location and the brotherly relations between the peoples of this region. Therefore, any sign appearing on the Kingdom’s horizon usually has deep implications on people’s conscience who recently witnessed the opening of the King Abdullah Sports City by His Majesty himself in the presence of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz and the Deputy Crown Prince HRH Miqrin bin Abdulaziz. This is a clear, reassuring indication that the region is prospering unmindful of the recent happenings which hit the Middle East region.

There is no doubt, the current state of affairs in the Arab world is unique by all means, and therefore, only the strong and the fittest countries which can withstand the might of the storm will survive. Having said this, some leaders in the Arab world have fallen foul with their people, because their state institutions focused on protecting the regime instead of working for the security and prosperity of their peoples. This is not the case in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. The GCC leaders have always adopted open door policies and remained in direct contacts with their peoples and a testimony of this is the recent launch of a communication website that has opened a direct communication channel between the Saudis and the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques via the internet.

The commendable tradition witnessed Friday in the GCC countries, particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has made the people profess their allegiance to their leaders. King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz leads this tradition by sharing his love and wealth with his people by building modern projects. In his words, they deserve a lot more ‘because they are the children of their forefathers who have built this present-day nation’.
Since there can never be development without security, it is crucial to reassure the people of Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region. This was achieved through the recent major exercise that was carried out by the Armed Forces of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the slogan ‘Abdullah’s Sword’. It gives people the assurance that the army will fight against anyone who dares to mess with the security of Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries.

In fact, the Gulf region’s confidence in the security of its future gets boosted on a daily basis because of the remarkable leaders who have written chapters of achievements that were realized within a short time span of nine years by improving the citizens’ standard of living and increasing public participation in several educational, industrial and developmental projects. In the last nine years, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah devoted his time and efforts on the development of youths who are the hope and future of the nation. The responsibility of ensuring the continuity of the nation’s development will be with the youths. Therefore, the ‘glistening jewel’ is not related to just an achievement in the sports arena but is a new window among many others to sharpen the aspirations of the youths for realizing further achievements. The recent viewpoint of King Abdullah indicated the wellbeing of Saudi Arabia, which in turn means the security and wellbeing of the entire Gulf region.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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