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Extradition of prime suspect in robbery sought

KUWAIT CITY, May 1: The Kuwaiti Interpol is allegedly seeking to extradite one of the prime suspects believed to be involved in the attack on the money transport van recently in which two Indians lost their lives and the suspects escaped with KD 13,000 cash, reports Al-Rai daily.

The incident happened last Friday night near the Sulaibiya Vegetable Market. Police based on the CCTV footage images linked to satellites, say an American vehicle is seeing pursuing the money van and on checking the details of the car and its owner, police found the man has left Kuwait for Iran soon after the incident.

The images also show the van was not parked in the spot designated for it. In a different twist to the incident, an unidentified young woman informed the Operations Department of the Ministry of Interior that she has information about the incident and gave police the name of one of the suspects.

The woman had told police that the man is a non-Kuwaiti, a criminal and had been sentenced in absentia for four years imprisonment. She also told police he was involved in impersonating police and robbing expatriates at knife point. However, when police brought the man in for interrogation, they discovered he has nothing to do with the crime and that the woman wanted to frame him due to personal conflicts between them.

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