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Indian expat narrowly misses drug-running gang’s trap Heroin found in parcel meant for Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, May 1: The Kuwait based Indian expatriate who narrowly escaped getting caught in a drug smuggling trap last month says the gang has strong network. Jarush, who is currently in Kuwait, was talking to the Arab Times recently. He had gone on a short visit to India last month and while preparing for his return journey, got a call from a person claiming to be known in a roundabout manner to one of Jarush’s friends in Kuwait.

The caller had two jeans and a CV to send to a relative in Kuwait and sought Jarush’s help in delivering them. Jarush was already carrying baggage to capacity and was doubtful if he would be able to accommodate more.

However, before making a commitment, Jarush called up his friend in Kuwait to confirm if the caller was genuine. The friend in Kuwait only had a vague recollection, but requested Jarush to help if the baggage wasn’t too heavy. Jarush agreed to carry the parcel on the condition that the baggage weight doesn’t exceed the limit.

The caller was asked to leave the parcel at a shop known to Jarush, which he did. The parcel contained two jeans in a tightly sealed, transparent pack with the CV of a woman stuck on top. The package weighed close to 6 kg, which was far too much for Jarush to carry.

Therefore, he took the CV with him leaving the package in the shop. As soon as Jarush landed in Kuwait, even before he could finish the immigration formalities, he got a call from a local number asking about the parcel. Jarush explained that he had the CV with him but not the jeans. The caller got a rise and began speaking harshly.

A little while later, Jarush tried contacting the person again to hand over the CV to him. But the phone was switched off, causing suspicion. Jarush called up his folks back home and asked them to check the parcel.

They found the jeans had pockets along the length filled with packets of heroin. Jarush’s family informed the police. They laid a trap for the person who had initially called Jarush inviting him to take back the parcel as it could not be delivered. The plan worked and a person was arrested.

However, other members of the gang who were waiting in a jeep escaped. This incident had created news in Kerala last month. Investigations are on to track down the gang. A couple of other similar incidents happened in Kerala following this. The gang seems to have networks both in Kuwait and India, and traps victims by citing fake connections. When police tried contacting the number given on the CV, the woman who answered had nothing to do with it.

By: Valiya S. Sajjad Arab Times Staff

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