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‘Genius’ of Interior Ministry procedure

LIKE many other people, I am still affected by the killing of two Indians who worked for a money transport company. They were shot dead by two armed robbers, who have yet to be identified, in Sulaibiya Vegetable Market. Many people with humanitarian souls have commented on this serious incident that happened for the first time in Kuwait. Almighty Allah prohibits the killing of humans except in just cause, and whosoever kills someone unfairly is as if they were killing the entire human race.

Another reason for being moved by this incident is the indifference of our deaf ears in terms of showing kindness to those in need and adherence to high moral standards. We did not hear any comment or protest against those who encouraged us to support the killing of women, children and innocent people in cold blood in one of the countries in the region. We did not hear any reaction from those calling for funds to help brothers fighting with ‘Grad’ missiles which cost US$ 4,000; as advertised through social communication media and patronized by a monstrous face without any relation to tolerance, humanity and light of Islam.

However, what shocked the people regarding the incident was the manner by which the Interior Ministry personnel reacted to it. Thankfully, they rushed to the crime scene; while updating us on the incident and the surrounding circumstances. The strange aspect of news on the killing of the workers when the robbers took a bag containing KD13,000 from them was that the money transport van contained KD 200,000 which was not stolen. This is strange and unusual because the ministry seemed pleased that the murderers did not take the huge sum of money from the van, or it was like hinting there was a lot of money inside the van but the robbers did not take it. The ministry’s announcement also appeared as if it was informing future armed robbers about the existence of a huge sum of money inside the van. This makes us wonder why the robbers risked their lives just to get a small amount outside the van.

The strange actions of the ministry, along with its personnel, did not stop there. It summoned officials of the money transport company in less than four hours, but we will not get into details of what transpired there; because nothing deserves to be mentioned. What is important is the fact that such companies have repeatedly requested their employees be licensed to carry firearms. The ministry has turned down the request several times, yet it continues to ignore those firing guns in wedding parties and tribal ceremonies - a practice which is alien to our society.

The owners and managers of these companies had also requested approval from the ministry to install surveillance cameras in their vans, but the latter refused. What is wrong with the installation of cameras in money transport vans; while our luxury cars have two cameras - front and back, and our mobiles have cameras which can take photos of an ant coming out of its hole ... What is wrong in installing cameras in security vans? This is just a tip of the iceberg of the ‘brilliant’ procedures in Kuwait’s Interior Ministry!

By Ahmed Ali Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

By: Ahmed Ali Al-Baghli

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