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Teens jailed for stabbing minor in mall

KUWAIT CITY, April 30: The Juvenile section of the Misdemeanor Court sentenced two teenagers to 20 months imprisonment with hard labor for stabbing a Kuwaiti minor with a knife inside Souk Sharq. The court ordered the defendants to pay a bail bond of KD 1,000 to suspend the execution of the verdict. It referred the civil aspect of the case to another court of jurisdiction. According to the Public Prosecution’s report, the first defendant stabbed the plaintiff a number of times using a knife, due to which the latter sustained a number of injuries especially in the chest. The plaintiff counsel Attorney Abdulmohsen Al-Qattan insisted that the defendants deliberately committed the crime and it should be considered as a mere youthful exuberance. He submitted a medical report that indicated the serious injuries sustained by his client.

Nafeesi fined: The Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Ibrahim Al-Abeed cancelled the verdict issued by a lower court, which acquitted Dr Abdullah Al- Nafeesi. The court instead fined him KD 10,000 and referred the civil aspect of the case to a court that handles cases related to national unity and attacks against the Shiite sect. Plaintiff counsels Attorneys Jaleel Al-Tabbakh, Hassan Al- Qashqawi, Hassan Al-Matrouk, Mohammad Buhamad and Ismail Al-Sahaf appreciated the fairness of the court, affirming that the court had enough evidences against the defendant especially his lecture at the diwaniya of Hussein Al-Dousari on March 25, 2013. They reiterated that the judiciary is never affected by political intimidation and media blackmail, and curbs those who plan to sow seeds of discord in the country to cause sectarian crises in favor of foreign agendas.

MP in libel suit: The Misdemeanor Court has instructed MP Safaa Al-Hashim to pay a fine of KD150 in a case filed by former MP Mubarak Al-Duweila who accused her of posting statements that offended him on her Twitter account. Case files indicate Al-Hashim spread false information about Al- Duweila through her Twitter account where she posted statements deemed insulting to the latter.

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