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Many Asians to be deported for no major offense: report MoI plans project to boost security

KUWAIT CITY, April 29: Scores of Asians face administrative deportation over the next few days for no reason, reports Al-Qabas daily. The daily added, those facing deportation have no charge against them security, criminal or any other.

According to reliable security sources, securitymen from the Salhiya Police Station on Friday, April 25, 2014, during a security campaign in the Capital Governorate are said to have arrested more than one hundred Asian expatriates and accused them of gambling, while in actual fact most of those arrested were picked randomly from streets and from public transport buses.

The sources also said due to lack of evidence the security authorities cannot prove even one charge against those arrested. Because of the large number of people arrested, they have been moved to the police stations of the Capital area and a decision to deport them has already been taken.

In spite of desperate attempts by the sponsors of the detainees to know the reasons for their detention, heads of some police stations reportedly said they are unable to take any decision to refer the detainees for investigation because deportation orders have already been issued.

The daily added, if the Ministry of Interior has decided to reduce the number of Asian expatriates and others it can be best done through legal procedures and civilized methods which are compatible with human rights, whatever the nationality of the expatriate is. However, according to a security source the deportation order has been issued against only 18 Asians who were caught for gambling.

The source also said a large number of persons who were arrested were released after investigations. The source pointed out some others were in detention because their sponsors had filed absconding reports against them.

MoI plans project to boost security
The Ministry of Interior will soon embark on a national project to enhance security, closely follow up the security situation in the country and identify and arrest criminals, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting a senior security source. The source explained the project includes installation of highly sensitive digital cameras in public places and malls, roads and vital areas throughout the country and at exits and entrances to residential areas.

The source pointed out, the cameras can be operated with the help of secret numbers and only senior officials will have access to these numbers to easily identify the culprits in the event of any crime or issue. The source explained a similar project, which is in the process of final phase, has been implemented by the Emirate of Dubai and have proved not only successful but effective. All that has to be done is allocate places for their installation before the entire project is submitted to the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly.

The source added, if the project is approved, the security services will be able to reduce crime significantly and the phrase which we normally read in newspaper, ‘unknown person’ will disappear from press reports. The source stressed on the importance of completing this project if the citizens and residents want to live in safety and security. The source said the project in no way affect the privacy of citizens and residents.

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