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‘Grilling against PM unconstitutional’ Fatwa dept said to have submitted report to Cabinet

KUWAIT CITY, April 28: The Fatwa and Legislation Affairs Department is said to have submitted a report to the Council of Ministers in which it stated the grilling against of HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah is unconstitutional, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily quoting sources said pending issues such as the grilling request presented by the three MPs falls on the ministers and not the Prime Minister, otherwise the latter would be blamed for every issue and the work plan of the government can not be implemented.

As regards the interpellation filed against the Prime Minister last November, sources noted the grilling was at the initiative of the Premier because he wanted to clarify certain issues to the MPs, given that the government had been warned to demand the postponement of any grilling request filed against the Prime Minister and doing otherwise would only establish his commitment to grilling. The MPs are required to activate their constitutional tools but not to the detriment of the constitution, he noted.

Meanwhile, Al-Rai daily reported that MP Dr Abdul Kareem Al- Kandari is surprised with hasty reaction of some MPs who are bent on grilling the Prime Minister, adding they were expected to wait until the day of questioning to react after they have listened to their colleagues.

The daily quoting sources affirmed that their reaction establishes the fact that they hold the constitutional tool high above parliamentary question. He is disappointment with uncouth expressions some MPs used against their colleagues who submitted the grilling, stressing that words will not keep the MPs from the real perspective of conducting their parliamentary duty. Al-Seyassah daily also said nearly 30 MPs attended a meeting held recently at the farm of MP Talal Al-Sahli to decide on ways of dealing with interpellation and choices to make, as regards the cancellation of grilling proposals if they are deemed unconstitutional.

This preference is likely to be approved by the majority of the MPs who were present at the meeting, the daily added. Secretary General of the National Assembly Yaqoub Al- Sanei said grilling of HH the Premier is crammed with constitutional suspicions because it involves issues that fall under the responsibilities of other ministers and not the Prime Minister, reports Al-Rai daily. He noted the concerned MPs who aim to file grilling intend to cause embarrassment to those who have clear agendas, and then point the finger at the parliament for being on the side of the government if grilling is aborted, while challenging any constitutional expert who declares the constitutionality of grilling. MP Al-Sanei denied rumors regarding the dissolution of the National Assembly and said the decision to dissolve the parliament is in the hands of HH the Amir.

He noted the current situation indicates that people are tired of the tension in the political atmosphere, as they observed in previous times. He indicated the rumors are part of schemes of those people trying to portray a negative image of the National Assembly and to make an excuse for its dissolution. It’s been a major achievement by the parliament in less than six months with the approval of telecommunications authority law, electronic transactions law, consumer protection law, and housing loans, he reiterated.

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