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Kuwaiti students during the first-ever student parliamentary session chaired by Speaker Marzouk Al-Ghanim
MP warns on rising crime 15 to 20 daily ... some double

KUWAIT CITY, April 28: The Ministry of Interior must intensify its efforts in monitoring all areas in Kuwait by increasing police presence and the number of vehicles with radars in public areas; including the internal roads to immediately arrest criminals, especially those involved in serious cases like murder, armed robbery and theft, says Observer of the National Assembly MP Saud Al-Harija.

He warned against leniency in terms of enforcing the law, asserting that failure to prosecute criminals and delays in arrest procedures may encourage them to continue committing crimes. He said the country witnessed two armed robberies in Jahra recently. He finds it strange that these incidents occurred within two consecutive days in the same area - a manifestation of failure to maintain security and lackadaisical attitude in arresting outlaws.

According to the lawmaker, various studies have been conducted on the rising crime rate in the country and the average in recent years ranges from 15 to 20 crimes every day. Statistical reports also revealed that some types of crimes have doubled; such as murder, armed robbery, fights for different reasons, and various ways of attacks on others. He said this situation requires a strong security stand; besides the coordinated efforts of the State Security, media, cultural and educational authorities to discuss causes and solutions.

He added the results of international studies show that most of the perpetrators are youths; hence, the need to implement programs to address the problems of this group He also stressed the importance of solving the unemployment problem; while providing facilities for youths to spend their extra time in worthwhile activities to hone their talents and skills. He urged the ministry to lay down strategic plans to prevent crimes and delinquent behaviors to guarantee social security. He also suggested identifying behavioral patterns of those involved in crimes in order to find plausible solutions. In another development, Chairman of the Public Funds Protection Committee MP Jamal Al-Omar received Monday at his office the chairman of Political Division at the British Embassy, during which they discussed Kuwait’s efforts in fighting corruption and the legislation issued by the Parliament in this regard. They agreed on the need to get rid of flaws and negative factors, which put Kuwait at the bottom of the Corruption Perception Index (CPI). Meanwhile, MP Hamoud Al-Hamdan presented a proposal on putting asphalt again on the streets in Jaber Al-Ali and Aqeel suburbs. He called for the formation of a committee to check the streets in Ahmadi and Mubarak Al-Kabeer governorates to determine which areas require improvement.

Furthermore, Chairman of the Women and Family Affairs Committee MP Saleh Ashour expects the committee to complete its report on the Child Protection Bill by mid-May to submit it to the Parliament for approval. He revealed the bill consists of 160 articles on the protection of a child and all aspects of his life from birth until he starts going to school. He added the committee will meet again on May 12 as a prelude to the approval of the bill. Also, the agenda for Tuesday’s session contain important bills and issues but deliberations might be delayed if the Parliament decides to debate on the interpellation request presented by MPs Riyadh Al-Adsani, Abdulkarim Al- Kandari and Hussein Al-Quwaian against HH the Prime Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah. After debating the interpellation, the Parliament is expected to look into seven bills, the Gulf Security Agreement and requests for investigation into a number of violations.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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