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‘Writing English will bridge gap’ ‘Honored to be with Arab Times’

I have been a columnist for local Arabic newspapers for two years and eight months and I have been presenting opinions regarding matters that concern Arab readers. When an article that is written in Arabic by a columnist is published in English, it is useful as it builds understanding among the people of different cultures and promotes the importance of peace and mutual respect.

I feel honored to be with the Arab Times to write articles on four main subjects and I hope I will manage to meet the desirable standards in this regard. Besides discussions about culture, which is the core of our daily life, there are various other world events that can be covered such as the bloodshed in Afghanistan, the unprecedented presidential elections in Kashmir, instability of India-Pakistan relations, Russian occupation of Crimea and the economical war sparked by the Russian invasion.

I will also focus on non-political topics and vow to uphold the dignity of my articles and my readers. I will also appreciate and apply any feedback regarding my articles. I will send my articles in Arabic in an edited form so that it can be easily translated and the readers can enjoy and benefit from quality work every Monday.

By Yousef Awadh

By: Yousef Awadh

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