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Feeble-minded weep over self-inflicted pain

KUWAIT will be good as long as the judiciary is honest and robust in defending the rights of the just — the judiciary that has stood the test of time, turned its back on distortions and refused to bow in front of the provocations of the outlaws. Regardless of the large number of problems facing the country, Kuwait remains fine, because this is what the democracy is all about where the freedom of opinion and expression is the order of the day.

Yet, the difference in Kuwait is that this freedom has no limits and the tolerance which controls the relationships in society has allowed feeble-minded people to hurt people’s dignity. This kind of freedom is definitely not the freedom of expression that we are talking about. These ignorant feeble-minded people are the same people who, at the slightest opportunity, rush to the Public Prosecution to complain about others who do not toe the line of their opinion. They weep and cry foul and hurl abuses and scandalous accusations if the judiciary decides against them.

We had warned a long time ago against showing leniency to ravens who feed on the carcasses of fabrications, accusations, blackmail and lies bringing undesirable consequences. Recently, we have seen how these ravens went to the extent of ‘defying’ the judiciary and tarnishing its dignity and honesty which according to our Constitution is the warrantee for our rights and freedoms. This happens although no authority is allowed to either interfere in the judicial process or change a court verdict because the law guarantees the independence of the judiciary and the verdicts given by the judges. The judges are protected by the Constitution.

We will not remind the people again and again about what the then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill told the British Cabinet during World War II when he was asked for a solution in the face of corruption in his country during war: He said, ‘If the judiciary is okay, they need not worry for Britain. This is how Kuwait was when some people attempted to claw back into the National Assembly under the slogan ‘Give us our parliamentary seats’. This is political prostitution. The feeble-minded cannot harm Kuwait as long true men protect Kuwait’s essence of justice and the dignity of the judiciary.

The destiny of the country is in safe hands. A few psychologically retarded persons cannot hold the nation hostage with their shameful deeds of the past few years. The phase of unemployment they live in has worsened their psychological state of mind and all that we can expect from them are more unclean deeds. The delay in trying these outlaws has given them the wrong impression that it is the weakness rather than mercy.

The statement issued by the Head of Supreme Judiciary Council tells us that Kuwait is much better off than before. The feeble-minded people have no option but to weep over their misdeeds — the misdeeds which they committed under the guidance of their godfather who has taught them to tell lies.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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