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Laws with regards to driving license transfer within GCC countries for expatriates

 I am working as a Business Development Executive for an inspection and testing organization. I moved to Kuwait from Dubai 10 months back. I am holding a valid UAE driving license (Dubai), more than 5 years old, and want to get it transferred to a Kuwait driving. My profession on my work permit says “Muraqab Aam”. I am a science graduate and also meet the salary criteria for a driving license application. I have been to the traffic offices in Kuwait for the same and my application has been rejected several times with different reasons being cited, like my profession on the work permit and for not completing 2 years residence in Kuwait, etc. Could you please offer advice on the current laws with regards to driving license transfer within GCC countries for expatriates.

Name withheld
Basically, your designation is that of a supervisor but there is nothing in the laws which forbids a license being granted to you. Having said that, your designation should have been more specific as the current one is just an “open” one and can be also from a very low category of employees. Secondly, you don’t meet the requirements for getting a driving license. Before we go further with your question, we will first detail the requirements for getting a license in Kuwait and also those categories exempt from those conditions so that all expatriates benefit from this answer. The following are the three requirements for getting a license:

1. Must have been in Kuwait for at least two years at the time of application

2. Must be earning at least KD 400 a month

3. Must be a university degree holder

Meanwhile, the following categories are exempt from these regulations:

1. Housewives with children; 2. Doctors; 3. Professors; 4. Teachers; 5. Nursing staff; 6. Translators and interpreters; 7. Accountants; 8. Managers; 9. Counsellors; 10. Journalists; 11. Company heads; 12.University students; 13. Technical staff; 15. Engineers; 16. All diplomatic staff. As you see very clearly, you have only spent 10 months in the country and unless you complete two years in Kuwait you will not be given a license as you are also not exempted from the requirements as your work permit does not show your trade/designation as one of the 16 above. Please also remember that there is not special consideration for expatriates who have obtained driving licenses from other GCC countries. This privilege is only accorded to GCC citizens.

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