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‘Victims’ filmed nude; ‘Neighbor having fun’ Sex toys seized from Iraqi

KUWAIT CITY, April 26: Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department arrested a couple for practicing sorcery, reports Al- Shahed weekly. The couple is said to have filmed their victims while they were nude under the pretext of helping to solve their problems, and then blackmailed them later using their nude films. Based on a tip-off and armed with warrant from the public prosecution, security operatives raided the house of the sorcerer and his partner who used to bring in customers. They were arrested in possession of sorcery tools, several CDs, and secret cameras.

Sex toys seized from Iraqi: Hawalli police officers arrested an Iraqi man for trading in sex toys and fake sex boosters, reports Al-Rai daily. The suspect was driving a vehicle in Salmiya area with one of the numbers plates missing. As a result, he aroused suspicion of patrolmen. The officers discovered sex toys and boosters inside the car after a search and referred the suspect to Criminal Investigation Department.

‘Neighbor having fun’: A Kuwaiti man lodged a complaint with police officers in Hawalli accusing a compatriot neighbor of disturbing his peace of mind. The man who lives alone after his wife and sons traveled has been spending the night with a number of his male and female friends, reports Al-Rai daily. The complainant said the compatriot and his guests sing and play music loudly and he has complained about his actions more than once to no avail. The man will be summoned for questioning.

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