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MPs to request for vote on the constitutionality of PM grilling Premier may surprise parliament by agreeing to grilling

KUWAIT CITY, April 26: A number of MPs are planning to submit a request to vote on the unconstitutionality of the interpellation request submitted by MPs Riyad Al-Adsani, Abdulkareem Al-Kandari and Hussain Al-Quaian against HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al- Mubarak. The request is due to the MPs’ belief that the grilling points do not fall under the jurisdiction of the premier and have nothing to do with the general policy of the country; therefore, classifying it as unconstitutional and hoping the vote will lead to the withdrawal of the interpellation. The request is going to be submitted just before the interpellation takes its turn in the agenda for Tuesday’s session.

Referring the interpellation to the Legal and Legislative Committee was suggested by other MPs, but the three proponents of the motion refused. According to sources, other MPs do not support the interpellation and the fact that the prime minister has to stand on the podium; similar to what happened the last time he was grilled. They would rather vote on the unconstitutionality of the interpellation before anyone stands on the podium and withdraw the motion immediately.

Interpellation In case the remaining MPs vote to refer the interpellation to the Legal and Legislative Committee, they would not object to that outcome; but if they are adamant on allowing the interpellation to take its course, they will not yield and will push for its withdrawal. Tuesday’s session originally includes the discussion of several bills and important issues but all might be postponed if the interpellation of the premier is to take root. In this case, the interpellation will be prioritized and will be discussed first. The interpellation will then be followed by deliberations on seven bills, including the amendments to Zakat House, consumer protection and residency laws. Sources said the government will request for withdrawal of the amendment bill to the Residency Law and refer it back to the Interior and Defense Committee for further revision. Meanwhile, the government has instructed the Fatwa and Legislation Department, along with a number of advisors in some government authorities, to study the interpellation request submitted by MPs Riyadh Al-Adsani, Dr Hussein Quwaian and Dr Abdulkarim Al-Kandari against HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al- Mubarak, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources.

Options Sources explained this is the initial step for the government to decide on its options in its session on Monday. Sources disclosed the options include dealing with the request constitutionally; hence, the possibility of postponing it for two weeks. Sources said the request was submitted eight days ago and the grilling points include the alleged cash-out to MPs, children allowance, environmental pollution and restriction of freedoms. Sources asserted that any governmental attempt to dodge the interpellation is considered a violation against the constitutional right of the lawmakers. On the possible scenarios in the coming days, sources revealed the premier may surprise the Parliament by agreeing to discuss the interpellation in the next session; since a similar step was taken earlier in the grilling motions against the ministers of health and public works.

By: Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff and Agencies

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