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Traffic jam discussed

KUWAIT CITY, April 25: The Vice President of National Union of Kuwaiti Students (NUKS) of Kuwait University Chapter Ali Al-Rajehi announced that a delegation from NUKS held a meeting with the Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Major General Abdul Fatah Al-Ali to discuss the problems faced by students due to the traffic congestion, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Al-Rajehi said the team included the Deputy Chairman of Public Relations Committee Mohammad Al-Hajri, Deputy Chairman of Media Committee Shabib Al-Za’abi and himself.

He explained that the discussions mainly focused on the hurdles the students face due to the traffic congestion when moving from one campus to another to attend lectures. Al-Rajehi revealed that students have been missing several lectures or ending up late for classes, adding that the situation forces some students to park at wrong places, which exposes them to citations from traffic officers.

He blamed the university administration for its failure in making sufficient multi-storey parking arrangements to accommodate the growing number of students. Al-Rajehi revealed that a decision was taken after the discussions to form a tripartite committee with the union leader as the chairman and representatives from the Interior Ministry and university administration as members. He added that the committee will be responsible for finding lasting solutions to the problem.

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