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Shot TV anchor felt threatened by ISI Pak channel off-air in some areas

ISLAMABAD, April 25, (AFP): A leading Pakistani TV journalist who was shot at least three times in Karachi said Thursday he “felt threatened” by intelligence agencies in the days leading up to the attack. The shooting of Hamid Mir, the host of the primetime current affairs show “Capital Talk” on Pakistan’s top-rating channel Geo, has led to a bitter row between the broadcaster and the military.

Mir is still recovering in hospital but his brother Amir Mir read a statement from him on Thursday evening saying intelligence officials had visited him a few days before the shooting to tell him his name was on an unspecified “hit list”. “I insisted that they should let me know about the people who had prepared this hit list, but they did not reveal that,” Mir’s statement said. “I told the intelligence officials who came to my house that in present conditions I feel threatened by the ISI.” Meanwhile, a Pakistani TV station embroiled in a row with the military over the shooting of one of its presenters has been taken off-air in some parts of the country, cable operators said.

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