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Squandering of funds exposed at MoE Report calls on ministry to review recruitment policies

KUWAIT CITY, April 25: A report prepared by the Public Education Sector of Ministry of Education has exposed largescale squandering of the ministerial funds on its employees particularly with the expenditure of KD 18 million as salaries and annual benefits for 1,500 excess kindergarten teachers whose services are not necessary. Such a report was issued at a time when the government has been urging for lifting subsidy on some consumable materials in order to reduce the expenditure burden on the public funds.

The report indicated that the ministry has only three Kuwaiti physics teachers out of 300 physics teachers, which means the ministry is not adhering to its policies in a proper manner. It called on the ministry to review its recruitment policies in the faculties of teaching and education, so that it can be linked to the comprehensive national program to reorganize and direct the current excess in the education field. It also urged to endorse serious policies to invest in the capabilities of the private universities to meet the labor market demands. The report affirmed that many graduates are unable to meet the needs of the labor market, which raises a lot of questions about the feasibility of the studies conducted by the ministry for encouraging the national manpower to take up rare specializations so that the ministry is not pressurized to accommodate large number of graduates with the same specialization.

The lack of local graduates with required specialization forces the ministry to sign contracts with qualified expatriates holding rare educational specializations. Meanwhile, the report indicated that the phenomenon of teachers’ partial absence at their work stations during official working hours hinders the proper implementation of academic plans and curriculum. It spreads negative conviction about the seriousness of the educational operations and adherence of its employees to it. The report stressed that the financial losses incurred due to the absence of a teacher is not less than KD 120 per day, suggesting that the Civil Service Commission (CSC) should link the attendance and performance of the teachers with the merits of appraisal regardless of the reason for their absence. It insisted that the concerned authorities in the educational sectors should take strict measures against the phenomenon of tuitions, which negatively affects the confidence the students and their parents have in the educational system.

By: By Abdulrahman Al-Shimmari Al-Seyassah Staff

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