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‘Not me’...MP Tamimi charges Twitter hack ‘Out of character’

KUWAIT CITY, April 25: MP Abdullah Al-Tamimi says an unknown hacker accessed his account in the social networking website ‘Twitter’ and posted contentious statements. In a press statement, MP Al-Tamimi explained that someone hacked into his account and published a document against a lawmaker who recently submitted a grilling request against HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al- Sabah. The hacker also posted some controversial statements containing offensive words.

The lawmaker added that he has started taking necessary legal procedures to restore his account. He stressed that he noticed a number of ‘Tweets’ posted from his account which did not reflect his style of writing or behavior despite the fierce attack he has been encountering for days on many websites. He indicated that some websites published an inaccurate statement, which they claim he had issued even though it contradicts the actual statement that he made during a press conference held after the submission of the interpellation.

He stressed that his office at the Parliament had recorded the conference and the video clip will be used when taking measures against the websites. MP Al-Tamimi criticized the interpellation, indicating that it targets HH Sheikh Jaber Al Mubarak as a person and not as a Prime Minister, and is aiming at instigating disorder in the system.

In conclusion of his statement, MP Al- Tamimi insisted that issuing offensive and immoral statements against his opponents is not part of his character, warning that the hackers who posted such statements from his account will not remain unpunished. He said he, as an MP, has a political opinion but will never stoop low to the level of reacting to his political opponents inappropriately. He added that such matters will not affect his determination to work on the national issues that he believes in.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Speaker of National Assembly Mubarak Al- Khurainij affirmed that interpellation is the constitutional right of every lawmaker who can use it as long as it is not intended for personal or political reprisal. He said he feared that the current situation of the political arena is based on the desires of some individuals to push the government into expressing its frustration over the interpellations that will eventually pave way for it to submit a no-cooperation motion against the parliament, which would result in a decision to dissolve either or both the parliament and the government.

MP Al-Khurainij urged his fellow lawmakers to handle the situation with the spirit of national responsibility so that such urgent matters can be handled with wisdom and practicality within the constitutional and legal frameworks so that right and appropriate decisions are taken. He also urged all MPs to prioritize the interest of the country and the citizens when dealing with such situations, and not to despise one another despite their differences in opinions and stances.

In a related issue, parliamentary sources revealed that several MPs are planning to present a request in the next parliamentary session to vote on the unconstitutionality of the interpellation that MPs Riyadh Al-Adsani, Abdulkareem Al-Kandari and Hussein Al-Quwaian submitted against the prime minister recently. They indicated that the MPs believe the interpellation is unconstitutional because it contains issues that are within the jurisdiction of the prime minister and is not related to the State’s general policy.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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