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ABK honors athletes with ‘Best Player’ prize

KUWAIT CITY, April 24: Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) has been a forerunner in lending support to sports initiatives, as part of its strategy to be actively involved with the youth and their interests.  ABK sponsors various sport tournaments, and last year initiated the “Best player” prize that aims at honoring top athletes in different sports through awarding them with performance-based prizes.

Ali Ibrahim Al Baghli, Assistant PR Manager, ABK said, “We are honored to be part of the process of felicitating Kuwait’s top athletes. ABK’s support comes within the scope of its social responsibility program under the Bank’s CSR banner “Our Society ... Our Responsibility”, that aims at focusing on events related to health, sports, education and the environment”.

The initiation of the “Best Player Prize” gathered tremendous momentum and success since the time it was introduced last year. ABK intends to continue this trend as it not only encourages upcoming sports persons to excel, it also brings to the forefront the wealth of talent that Kuwait holds.


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