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Senior officials acquitted of beating his maid to death

KUWAIT CITY, April 24: The Criminal Court has acquitted an assistant undersecretary of beating his Asian housemaid to death.

The defense counsel, Attorney Khaled Al- Enezi, argued against the allegation; saying his client did not beat the maid. He said the testimony of another maid against their sponsor was false, asserting the second maid had a fight with the victim up to the extent of using sharp object to attack the other.

When his client returned from work, his wife informed him that the maid in charge of food refused to prepare lunch due to the fight, so he just opted to have a nap in the room.

He suddenly heard noise from the ground floor of the building, so he knew the maids had resumed the fight again.

According to the lawyer, his client’s tight schedule, owing to his position, did not give him the opportunity to intervene in the problems among maids. He then demanded for the acquittal of his client due to the absence of incriminating evidence

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