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Never weep for a country you didn’t protect like men

THE MOST astonishing aspect of the recent statement issued by the Council of Ministers concerning allegations we hear every now and then on ‘frivolity’ is the executive authority’s discovery that the action violates the Constitution. Was the authority oblivious to the fact that allegations made in the past few months contravened the Constitution or it is still in the era of homing pigeons which normally receive messages only after several months?

The government, which is responsible for implementing the Constitution, is unable to protect the people against attacks from a handful of lawbreakers. These people engaged in ‘political prostitution’ to get at the judiciary and create an impression that public funds are like the cave of Ali Baba where stealing and looting are allowed. They demeaned several prominent national personalities and plotted conspiracy against the government during the night.

The government should admit its frustration rather than release a statement which looks like an appeal and attempt to pacify those who should be cooling their feet behind bars for slandering other people. Didn’t the government realize that failure to implement the Constitution against those who are hell bent on smearing the image of others has given them the audacity to continue the act? Is it possible for entreaties to resolve such issues? Is allowing every non-entity to act as he likes not a way of encouraging him to pose as a leader in the media, through which he deceives people to make them believe he has in his possession proof and documents to incriminate some people?

Didn’t the government read about the astronomic number of transfers which we hear from time to time? Although the allegations were made by troublemakers, up to the extent of struggling to take over the government openly, the executive authority remained silent as if it were the suspect begging for rescue. The action of those people has dangerous implications, which include encouraging others to engage in corruption indirectly. It amounts to a call for defying the government and misappropriating public funds, as well as clamping down on institutions and destroying the judiciary. Despite all this, the government remained silent without asking those who wrongly accused others to present proof to the judicial authority.
How many crimes have they committed? How many times have they talked about deposits and transfers, as well as many other issues nobody knows about except members of the clique, while the government folded its arms? How will Kuwaitis perceive this attitude?

Does it not give people the impression that a handful of novices in the seat are more powerful than the State and whatever they say is always right? When will the executive authority stop ignoring its role - an act which weakens its control? The government does not protect the dignity of ministers and State officials who are scared of taking steps which may expose them to unfounded allegations aimed at tarnishing their reputation. This was evident in the refusal of several personalities to be part of the Cabinet in the last few years due to the defamation campaigns launched by the ‘Except the Seat’ group.

Some lawmakers, who have unveiled their plan to refer publicized allegations to the Criminal Security Department, have done well. They have been playing the role expected of the government, while the latter ignored its role by concentrating on issuing statements; which could not remove even a single hair from the heads of lawbreakers as it rather encouraged them to continue attacking government principles. Rhetoric cannot build nations, hopes are useless in the presence of overambitious political ghosts and civility is pointless among those who have no manners. It is either you begin to handle them with an iron hand or prepare handkerchiefs to wipe your tears when you start crying like a woman over the country you failed to protect like men, because you destroyed it through your lackadaisical attitude, negligence, weakness and fear of a handful non-entities.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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