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2014 Corvette Stingray stars at Kuwait Mile event Super car is a beautiful weapon against the ordinary

KUWAIT CITY, April 23: As an active leader in the automotive industry, Yusuf A. Alghanim & Sons Automotive participated in the Kuwait Mile drag racing event which took place on the 12th of April at the Subhan area. The event primarily attracted the Kuwaiti youths whose enthusiasm had channeled their energy into an exciting drag race around the area, which was especially safe and secure. The star of the event, however, was the brand new Corvette, whose impressive display captivated the youths who interacted with salespeople to learn more about the super car. Chevrolet has revolutionized the lightweight vehicle once again with its brand new Corvette Stingray - a trifecta of technology, design and performance - which now boasts a stiffer frame than its previous generations. Indeed, with its sculpted athletic exterior and driver-oriented cockpit, fuel efficiency and advanced technology, Stingray is a beautiful weapon against the ordinary.

The 2014 Corvette Stingray is considered the most powerful standard Corvette model ever, thanks to the completely redesigned SAE engine that boasts up to 455 horsepower (339 kW) and 460 lb.-ft. of torque (642 Nm), and 460 horsepower (343 kW), 465 lb.-ft. of torque (630 Nm) with the available performance exhaust system. It is also the most capable standard Corvette ever, with Z51-equipped models that are able to accelerate from 0-60 in 3.8 seconds, run a quarter-mile in 12 seconds at 119 mph, achieve 1.03g in cornering grip and stop from 60 mph in 107 feet. The ingeniousness of Corvette Stingray lies in its purpose-driven design. Lean materials and efficient new processes forge the light, stiff Stingray space frame, which helps achieve an even weight distribution and impressive power-to-weight ratio to this day. The aluminum frame structure, which is one-third the weight of steel, improves the rigidity of the vehicle, whereby it enhances cornering and handling.

Meanwhile, the strategic implementation of Lightweight Carbon-Nano Composite underbody panels, which are bond to the aluminum, further reduce the car’s weight for more precise driver control. This revolutionary chassis also improves torsional rigidity while reducing noise and elevating the performance to an art. Every millimeter in the Stingray is essentially an amalgamation of stunning design and purpose. Consider the increased down force that keeps the vehicle planted and the functional exterior vents that reduce lift and minimize drag. Also the advanced ventilation system, which transport air from the front grille through the wheel wells to effectively cool front brakes and expel heat. Not only does this efficient airflow controls the temperatures, but it also improves vehicle handling, reduces brake fade and optimizes stopping performance.

Illuminated by innovative digital features and intelligent driver controls, the Stingray cockpit is a stunning change from your typical interior scenery. A sweeping freeform line spans the instrument panel and flawlessly carries over into the door trim and console. And every inch is imbued with a deep respect for authentic materials such as real aluminum, carbon fiber, and grade-A leather, which is hand-selected and crafted to adorn a new generation of elegance. The standard, sporty grand touring seat begins with a lightweight magnesium frame that cradles the driver for optimal comfort while providing maximum support for cornering, with more pronounced side bolsters designed for high-performance driving on the track. This is in addition to the sueded-microfiber seat inserts, which also covers the gearshift and the steering wheel.Speaking of the latter, the smaller, race-inspired steering wheel - designed exclusively for Stingray and hand-wrapped in natural leather - impressively enhances grip and driving feel, thanks to the discreet, flat euro-stitch that lends a subtle but crafted feel. The all-newActive Rev Matching effectively enhances the driving experience, whereby the wheel-mounted paddles initiate it on manual transmission or manual shifting on the 6-speed automatic transmission.

In addition to signature luxury and advanced technology that Corvette has always delivered, the Stingray further evolves and improves this harmony with its retractable 8-inch diagonal high-definition color touch-screen. And on top of this is the colorful Head-Up Display, which, by utilizing proven technology, appears on the front windshield, making it easier to scan for important info while driving. As a final, elegantly integrated touch, Stingray also features Chevrolet’s MyLink, which uses steering wheel controls.Other features include a premium Bose(r) audio system, as well as 3-D navigation maps, an SD card slot, audio input jack and Bluetooth(r) wireless technology.

All customers who purchase a Chevrolet will receive the benefits of the Chevrolet Care, which entails new levels of post-sale support. The Chevrolet Care is an exceptional customer service that is based on four mail pillars: competitive and transparent service costs, scheduled service appointment booking with same day delivery, quality service by certified technicians and 3yr/100,000km warranty with 24x7 roadside assistance.
Visit any of Chevrolet Alghanim’s showrooms to learn more about the All New Corvette Stingray and book a vehicle.

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