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Family plays key role in spread of violence among youth: survey Team recommends conscription, activation of societal police role

 KUWAIT CITY, April 23: Head of the team tasked to study violence among youths in the State Ministry for Youth Affairs Dr Abdulaziz Al-Duaij has recommended the implementation of compulsory military service, activation of the role of societal police, increasing the number of securitymen assigned in commercial complexes and completion of several long-term projects to stop the phenomenon, reports Al-Rai daily. In a recent press conference, Al- Duaij explained they are currently conducting a study to know the views of youths on this phenomenon and various factors that led to the spread of violence in Kuwaiti society. He said the study will help decision-makers in dealing with the issue. Meanwhile, Director of Statistics Department at the Research and Studies Center in the Interior Ministry Dr Lt Colonel Tariq Al- Doub revealed a survey was conducted with 1,157 respondents - 538 males and 611 females. Results of the survey showed the family plays a crucial role in the spread of violence among youths, in addition to the improper implementation of laws. Al-Doub pointed out that violent acts are usually observed in schools; hence, the need to activate the role of societal police, increase the presence of securitymen in schools and strict application of laws. He also called for intensified efforts to censor movies and electronic games, which are believed to provoke violent reaction among youths. Commenting on the issue, a top Ministry of Education official admitted several cases of behavioral problems have been observed among students in the intermediate and secondary stages, warning these problems may lead to what he termed as “small terrorist projects”.

He supports the idea of monitoring Internet in schools to control extremist and terrorist behaviors; particularly the websites suspected of promoting ideas aimed at undermining national unity. However, he expressed objection to the proposed monitoring of the personal emails of students to respect their privacy. Rapporteur of parliamentary Educational Affairs Committee MP Dr Khalil Abdullah is against the proposal to monitor or censor the electronic activities of students. He affirmed it is unacceptable to transform the educational sector into an intelligence or police unit. He argued there are a lot of modern electronic ways to address the problem, such as the implementation of programs to increase students’ awareness and to protect them from those propagating extremist ideologies. In the meantime, MP Abdulrahman Al-Jeran stressed the importance of confronting new strategies in brainwashing the youths into adopting principles aimed at destabilizing religious, social and moral postulates. He added concrete steps must be taken to foil such attempts in order to protect the youths. Meanwhile, The recent statistical report on divorce released by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) showed alarming figures as the number of divorcees is now estimated at 70,000; 65 percent of whom are women and they have remained single until now, reports Al- Kuwaitiya daily. In the meantime, the Ministry of Justice expects the number of divorcees to increase by 8,404 cases yearly until 2016. Attorney Bushra Al-Handal disclosed the divorce rate reached 40 percent compared with the percentage of those who got married; indicating several divorce cases were not referred to court. On the other hand, the number of widows totaled 33,000 compared to only 3,800 widowers; which means women constitute 91 percent of those whose spouses are dead. This entails that the death rate is higher among men than women.

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