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Court acquits Bangladeshi in drug peddling charges

KUWAIT CITY, April 22: The Criminal Court chaired by Advisor Mohammad Al-Khalaf acquitted a Bangladeshi man of possessing illicit drugs for sale.

The case file indicates that a Kuwaiti military officer spotted the suspect as he was loitering around a water cooler close to his own inlaw’s house at Shamiya. He was reported as saying the suspect had hidden something beneath the water cooler, and so he approached the suspect and conducted a search on him and discovered the suspicious substance. Later the suspect was referred to Shamiya Police Station by the military officer, and he brought out the rest of the drugs.

However, Defense Attorney Mohammad Al-Mutairi faulted the procedures that led to the search and arrest of his client and argued that the military officer was not authorized to make any arrest because, at the time, he was just like any other citizen. The lawyer went on to substantiate his claim by Article 58 of the Constitution

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