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Panels discuss issues regarding salaries, bonuses

KUWAIT CITY, April 22: Parliament’s committees on Human Resources and Education Affairs discussed issues concerning salaries and monetary bonuses during separate meetings they held on Monday. The Parliament and Cabinet have agreed to present strategic alternative to the salaries bill within three weeks.

MP Yacoub Al-Sane’, a member of the Human Resources Committee said the committee agreed on the need to extend the alternative strategy to special cadres instead of limiting it to only general cadres.

He explained that the Civil Service Commission (CSC) is still reviewing the possible implementation of the idea, declaring that the committee has accomplished a lot in the strategic alternative project. He added that the committee has included it among the priority draft bills related to the amendment of the Civil Service Commission Law.

Meanwhile, MP Al-Sane’ disclosed that the Education Affairs Committee has agreed on the payment of cadres of teachers as per Law 28/2011. He explained that Kuwaiti social and psychological specialists will receive the payment retroactively while the Ministry of Education will study the possibility of allocating bonuses for non- Kuwaiti teachers. He indicated that the committee has also approved increment of monthly stipends given to Kuwaiti students in Jordan from KD300 to KD500 besides KD200 for textbooks, KD150 for clothing and KD250 for study equipment.

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